Donate to DoobieRP

DoobieRP is a customized DarkRP server. We strive to provide our community with a fun DarkRP experience, along with a clean one. We have tons of addons that enable our players to do so, such as: TDM Cars, M9K Weapons, Black Market System, Meth Cooking System, MDMA Manufacturer System, Custom Money Printers, Gang System, and many more!

  • Access to 20+ Donator Jobs
  • Increased Salary
  • Increased XP Rate
  • Increased Prop Limit
  • Donator Chat Tag
  • Custom Chat Name Color
  • In-Game Currency
    (Donator gets $50,000, Donator+ gets $100,000, Donator++ gets $150,000)

  • Our server stays alive off of donations, so we appreciate everything we get. Thank you for the consideration!

    RANKS START AT $2.50

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